• October club meet/ Potluck
    12:00 PM-4:00 PM
    Glen's house
    Glen's house
    Glen has graciously volunteered to have us over again this year, it is a potluck so please bring a dish to pass.Also bring some kits, books, aftermarket items that you may want to sell, as this will be another swap meet like last year.

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October Potluck

Full details and some pics under club meets tab on webpage or click here-

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GDLS Presentation & Tour


“The GDLS presentation and tour  was great event for the club members on Sept 24th. Rock’s presentation concerning the analysis and counter response for the current conflicts was outstanding. We were also given a tour of the prototype technology area. We were also able to see the 33 club built models on display. The staff indicated these draw considerable attention from both the customers and the other GDLS personnel. these models cover 75 years of GDLS’s AFV legacy. Many thanks to Rock and the GDLS’s staff for hosting this event”

Dan Robichaud

gd-lobby group-photo-at-abrams-mia2-sep-v2.


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GDLS build Volunteers still needed

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Web site Tankandafvnews


If you haven’t been to this site, check it out. Has book reviews, interviews with experts on tanks and AFVs, historical documents, current news, photos, videos, etc. Today the lead article is a brief blurb with lots of photos about a M41 in Baldwin, MI.


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AMPS Notes on Cookie’s presentations

I enjoyed the discussion this past meeting about the T-72, and thought I’d post my brief notes from the Seminars presented by Cookie Sewell at the recent AMPS show. The notes aren’t very complete, because I assumed (I know, I know) that the presentations would be recorded and/or posted, but it turns out that may not be the case, as it was for the 2015 AMPS seminars. Anyway, here are my notes.

The T-72/T-90 PowerPoint presentation had a lot of biographical information about the conflict between different Russian designers and tank plants on what would be the best tank; I did not take any notes on that part. NOTE: If there’s any erroneous info in this post, it’s due to my misunderstanding or incorrect notes on my part (I don’t know shorthand), so don’t blame Cookie for anything that’s wrong!

Much of the info and photos were attributed to the Russian-language web site (Warning! Going to  any Russian web site may result in malware being installed on your computer – you’ve been warned!!).

Cookie briefly went over the development of the T-72 series, with photos of the main designers and how the then Minister of Defense went to great lengths to make sure his favorite design was the one fielded. I didn’t write any of that down, sorry.

Article 172M was the prototype T-72

T-72A Model 1978 “Dolly Parton”
T-72B Model 1985 “Super Dolly Parton”
T-72BV reactive armor (Kontakt-1)
T-72AV retrofitted with reactive armor Kontakt-1
T-72BM offered in 1991
T-72B2 Rogatka came out in 2008
T-72B3 “Rogataka Lite” is a cheaper version of the T-72B2

The Iraqis fielded T-72, T-72M, T-72M1 in the first Gulf War.

T-90 Model 1992 with Kontakt-5 reactive armor was an upgraded T-72. Cookie related the anecdote that the T-72 was redesignated the T-90 by order of then President Yeltsin to sell tanks that had been discredited by poor performance during the first Chechen War …

The T-90A Model 1999 had a welded turret
T-90MS “Proryv-2” turret (interesting note, Proryv can mean break-through, as in breaking through enemy lines, but it can also mean breakdown, in the mechanical sense; surely unintentional on the Russian’s part to use that word)

After some more history on the T-72 and T-90, Cookie talked about currently available model kits, starting with the worst ones. The only one I recall was the Esci version. In his opinion, the best ones available were:
Trumpeter T-72B Model 1990 1/35
Trumpeter T-90 Model 1992 1/35
Meng T-90A Model 1999 1/35 (I think this comes in two kits, one with mine plow, one without)
Zvezda T-90 MBT #3573 1/35; Cookie rated it an 8 out of 10, only 503 parts, best tracks of all the kits, and cheaper than any other manufacturer, but overall the Meng kit was the best T-90 kit, but with a lot of parts.

The T-80 presentation was separate, but many of the PP slides had the same biographical info, since many of the designers were the same players in this tank’s development. I took even less notes here, thinking that they’d be posted on the AMPS site – sorry!

He mentioned that the version used to fire on the Russian White House during the aborted coup attempt (and the one that Yeltsin climbed up on) was the T-80UD, 2nd Guards Motorized Rifle Division, bort number 395.

He briefly touched on the Black Eagle prototypes, but I don’t recall if he had any photos of that, and mentioned that they were “a disaster” when deployed to Chechnya during the first incursion.

He liked the Xact T-80U kit, XS001, and the Trumpeter T-80B and T-80BV.

Keep your fingers crossed that the AMPS folks will be able to post his presentations, which even without his anecdotes, are very interesting and informative.


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SU-76M radio info (for Bill)


Did you find the info about the radio for your SU-76M build yet? There’s a Miniart SU-76M build article by Zaloga on Military Modeling at where he mentions not using the kit radio, but instead built the 12-RT set using a stowage box from the kit. This web site has a photo of what is probably the same radio set.

You might be able to find a copy of the kit instructions at the Miniart web site which show where the radio should be mounted.

There’s also a lot of photos (with links) of SU-76Ms at the web site —

Hope this helps.


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Thank you!

Thanks to the contributions at yesterdays club meeting we have generated enough money to completely cover the cost for the website. Many of you contributed very generously, and it is much appreciated.  This allows us a continued multimedia resource for sharing and communicating for our club. I will continue to make improvements on the site and hope that you will continue use, and post as well.

Again, tank you very much!!wwii_poster

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National Armor & Calvary Museum Review by Dan Robichaud

“If you see the ‘National Armor & Calvary Museum‘ (NACM) facebook web site postings, you may think this is a brick and mortar building.  On my southern road trip, I couldn’t find the NACM’s museum location after an Internet search. I called the NACM museum curator who said they currently only have one gallery in the National Infantry museum and a tank park near the Ft. Benning (Columbus GA) gate entrance. The gallery has displays as well as an FT-17 WWII trench diorama with German soldier manikins and a M-3 Stuart.
The NACM is off to a great start much like the previously started ‘WWII Museum’ in New Orleans LA .The WWII museum started quite simply in 2002 and now is a very complete museum.
When the tank parks at the Aberdeen proving Grounds and Patton museum were shutdown, they were not put back on display. The NACM’s web site is very good. I always find new, unpublished photos.
The NACM’s new tank park (called the “Patton Park“) is located between the National Infantry museum and the Ft. Benning gate. Currently the tank park has only 9 USA AFVs (including the M-114 which Col. Bob Noce developed) which range from a WWII Sherman to an Abrams, see the attached photos. These AFVs are in excellent condition and newly painted. These AFVs have no on-vehicle stowage. There is also a regimental memorial display. A great start for the NACM !”.


IMG_3781 IMG_3779 IMG_3777 IMG_3765 IMG_3775 IMG_3766 IMG_3767 IMG_3768 IMG_3769 IMG_3770 IMG_3031 IMG_3030 IMG_3029 IMG_3023 IMG_3022

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